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          for my brother David Devor z"l 's                        PROJECT MIND           
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Growing global crises underscore the urgency of a 

creative leap... a leap of Mind and Matter

Science is the most creative of human endeavors. Through technology, science transforms inert matter into new liberating possibilities. Science, however, still functions at only a fraction of its potential inviting technological abuses and misadventure. But swift and decisive change can be achieved by enhancing science's mind component -- creativity!

Project Mind offers a stunning strategy to dramatically increase the production of holistic scientific breakthroughs using the higher creativity of mind - Accelerated Thought.  It is urgent that science provide a spectacular abundance of health, well-being, hope and new possibilities.



Project Mind Foundation is an international humanitarian organization based on the book PROJECT MIND by T. Kun (David Devor)

Our preliminary statement of purpose is:


  • For science to become holistic through creative breakthroughs  providing abundant health, well-being, hope and new possibilities

  • Our foundation is in the process of forming a creative "mind tank" to systematically generate holistic scientific breakthroughs. The theory behind Project Mind, is itself a breakthrough and makes possible the first concrete proposal for reconciling outer and inner paradigms in a balanced, high-energy synthesis that preserves the essentials of both. The back cover of the book reads:   What is life? What is death?  What is the secret of the cosmos?

  • Had the great minds of the past found all the answers, would there still be such suffering?

  • Earth stewardship and population control are urgent issues, yet current thinking fails to address the root causes of our present collision course with matter. The expansion of science and technology cannot be contained, nor can growing discontent and often suicidal rancor among those deprived of the best tools, medical care, comforts and enjoyments that progress can offer.

  • It is vital that science become vision-driven and holistic, thus ridding itself of its fragmentation and destructive and polluting aspects. Progress can be fueled and channeled by scientific creativity that will truly empower and validate science and industry.

  • Scientists and engineers need to recognize that science is the ultimate endeavor in which the mind must become a channel of creative vision and an instrument in the service of holistic, abundance-generating, restriction-eliminating, spirit-liberating, physical, world transformation. Creativity is our highest and most potent modality of expression. Project Mind offers the strategy necessary for intensifying creativity to levels commensurate with our inner potential.

  • We seek the cooperation of those who share this vision. We were each created for a purpose. Working toward that purpose is a privilege and a joy. 


Click here to Download the book Project Mind in PDF format

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